NetX Plugin for Wordpress

December 12, 2011

Wordpress is a popular solution for website management, this has lead us to creating a plug-in so that our customers can connect their digital assets to their site with ease. 

As a Digital Asset Management vendor, we are highly focused on 3 simple actions around media files: Import, Manage, Utilize.

In the Utilize category, we're happy to offer the NetX Plugin for Wordpress, which enables direct access to the NetX managed media for Wordpress authors, from the WP Admin area. If you know WordPress, than this picture will = 1000 words;  have a look at the "NetX Cube" within the Media Publishing bar:

With this direct access to the DAM, NetX clients can simplify process around media permissions for web publishers within the organization. WP authors simply click the NetX Cube to insert assets from the DAM directly; just the same as their normal WP publishing workflow.

So users to browse The DAM for images, videos, PDFs, etc... and publish them directly to a web page or blog post.

With the NetXposure WP plug-in, users can also upload assets from a local computer into the DAM via the wordpress user Interface. Users can manage their media library directly within the DAM application, which supports proxy and caching functions for media managed locally through WordPress as well as media stored in the DAM. This feature allows you to seemlessly share images between your WordPress installation and the NetXposure DAM. So it's easy to introduce new images into the DAM from your local workstation.

Overall, Simple:

With the DAM as a central repository for all an organization's assets, it's easy and convenient to  use WordPress websites as publishing point for many departmental and company-wide web authors. With a direct access to the DAM form Wordpress, web publishing is easier, and more manageable, than ever.



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