NetX Hootsuite Integration: Social Media Sharing, Scheduling & More

August 26, 2021

Social media is a critical part of most communication teams’ work. With the algorithms of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook emphasizing posts with images, it’s more important than ever to post media-rich content. 

However, that’s when social media teams experience challenges. Brands today prefer custom, branded images to generic clipart or default pictures, so many posts require media from a brand’s internal libraries. 

Yet, integrating those libraries with their standard social media management tools has often been impossible. Content teams have had to search internal storage for pictures, wasting time. They may use old versions of images, or the wrong ones, or possibly photos that haven’t been cleared for such posts.

Now, NetX provides a Hootsuite social media integration. 

This means that teams using the popular social media management tool can have their entire media libraries at their fingertips. It means the end of clicking out of one tool to search for media in cloud storage or on your device. 

Here’s how it works.

NetX Integration with Hootsuite: Social Media Marketing & Management Software


The NetX integration with Hootsuite connects your NetX account with your Hootsuite platform. This allows you to access any content stored within your NetX digital asset management system directly from your Hootsuite account. 

When you publish a post to any social media channel, you can attach media from your DAM seamlessly, from within Hootsuite.

Need a DAM that integrates with your social media accounts?

Social media teams are busier than ever. More channels, changing algorithms, and demanding audiences mean that content needs engaging videos and images. Designers spend hours creating graphics, while video teams shoot more than ever. 

Yet, much content goes unused  - or misused. Graphics are hard to find. Saved to individual computers or a patchwork of storage options, they aren’t handy. Dated images with incorrect information may be posted, due to lack of clarity on where the media is. 

Keep social content up to date

A worse scenario is when outdated or inaccurate content is posted publicly. A graphic may list an incorrect price. A video may show information that is no longer current. A design may use an old logo. Serious damage has occurred when brands have posted the wrong content to social media. Centralized management of media assets is vital to preventing brand damage.

Organize with digital asset management

Having a digital asset management system is the first step in getting social media content under control. However, it’s not enough to solve the problem of inaccessible, underutilized, or misused media. A DAM needs to integrate with the social media management system that teams use every day. 

That way, content is always available when needed, clearly labeled and frequently updated.

Collaborate, share, and grow

NetX integrates fully with Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media management tools. The integration places media assets where they need to be: inside the management tool. 

Beyond reducing time wasted and errors, the Hootsuite integration also provides a new level of coordination across different marketing groups. Social media teams work together with videographers, graphic designers, and content creators within your organization. Agency partners can provide content directly to internal teams in the most useful channels. The integration adds power and efficiency to social media teams.

Source Royalty-Free Images for Social Media Posts

The NetX Hootsuite integration does not override or interfere with existing media integrations native to Hootsuite. Many marketers rely on current Hootsuite tools that allow them to source royalty-free images. 

Adding a quality stock image to a post when no custom content exists can help posts beat the platform algorithms. You can still use the royalty-free stock image integrations you have now. You will just have more options available to you.

 Share Video Content to YouTube and BrightCove

Video is essential to social media success. NetX integrates with BrightCove and Youtube, to allow teams to publish videos to these social sites. With either integration, you can save videos to your media library, then pull them directly from that library and publish them online. This saves time, ensures the right content goes live at the right time, and makes your team happy. 

Easy Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Hootsuite’s value proposition is its ability to manage multiple social media accounts at once, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With the NetX Hootsuite integration, your media library becomes instantly accessible when posting to all of these platforms. 

You don’t have to login to each platform to create media-rich posts. Content libraries are integrated with Hootsuite across all of your accounts on the major platforms.

Access Insightful Social Media Analytics

Another key feature of Hootsuite is its analytics capabilities. Data reports on which posts attracted the most engagement, the geolocation of engaged users, and the popularity of specific topics helps you understand your audience better. 

With the resources brands invest in media, knowing which images or videos attracted the greatest interest is vital. With the NetX integration, you have access to Hootsuite’s insightful social media analytics. 

See at a glance which images from your media library were most attractive to viewers through data on clicks, comment sentiment, and more. Understand what videos are most popular from your library. With the integration, you gain more analytics about your content than ever before.

Streamline Creating Your Social Media Content 

With the NetX Hootsuite integration, marketers can launch more engaging campaigns with less effort. 

Companies can maintain control of their branding, offers, and messaging through centralized asset management in their DAM. Teams can focus on creativity, not searching for graphics. NetX brings the whole DAM power of digital asset management to your social media operations. 

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