NetX DAM Integrates with CI HUB for Better Asset Creation

July 1, 2022

Today’s work environments crave efficiency. Users want to create assets faster and with more convenience than ever. With that, technical innovators are offering new solutions to help people accomplish more in less time.

The CI HUB is a tool to help users access their asset libraries in a number of creative applications. And with the convenient integration with NetX DAM, there’s no more jumping between tools to source images or make edits to documents and videos to get the job done.

Here’s what the NetX DAM and CI HUB integration means for your asset sourcing, creating, and saving needs. 

What is CI HUB?

CI HUB is a panel plugin built for Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Figma, WordPress, SharePoint and Sketch applications, with more in the works. CI HUB essentially connects your assets with the various apps your organization uses to create and edit all types of creative digital assets.  

CI HUB helps streamline your operations and creative process by connecting your asset library to your favorite applications. The result is the ability to create more content, with more efficiency, without jumping from app to app. You can access all of your assets from a single panel. 

How CI HUB Works with NetX

NetX is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that empowers users to create, upload, store, and more when it comes to digital assets. 

With the CI HUB integration, NetX users can access their assets in the NetX DAM, pull them into their preferred applications, create new assets, and then save them back in NetX.

When it comes to asset management, there are a few additional use cases that come out of the NetX DAM and CI HUB integration:

Pull assets into Adobe Creative Cloud

Being a plugin that works directly with Adobe Creative Cloud, the NetX and CI HUB integration makes it easy to pull your assets directly into your Creative Cloud applications to streamline your workflow. This means that NetX not only offers Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign capabilities but works with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects as well. 

With the integration, creators are able to drag and drop text files and metadata fields directly into INDD Files to easily create catalogs, stylized fliers, and more. This makes using assets and creating new designs efficient. When you’re done, save the finals back to the DAM. 

Some additional features include the ability to use Premier to edit and version video files, After Effects to edit motion graphics, and InCopy to create content. You have all of your Adobe tools, and all of your approved digital assets right at your fingertips.

Edit files in Microsoft Office

Whether it’s for a sales presentation, a creative workshop, or a brand brainstorming session, having your brand files handy makes it easy to create with style. With Microsoft Office, CI HUB and NetX allow you to build documents and presentations in no time.

Edit and version your Word documents with your owned assets in mind. Build your Powerpoint presentation with attractive images. And place images in Excel to punch up your marketing materials and spreadsheets. 

Work on projects in Google Suite

Google’s tools are always the fan favorites when it comes to creating and sharing documents. Now you can source your assets, add them to your Google files, and share them with your team in a matter of minutes. 

The CI HUB and NetX DAM integration enables you to work on Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and more efficiently. Make changes or place approved images into slides, then save the files in NetX. NetX is the best “system of record” for all your asset management needs. 

Design creative assets in Sketch 

Fancy yourself a mobile developer, designer, or UX strategist? If so, you may be familiar with Sketch. Sketch is an industry-leading tool for UI and UX design for web and mobile applications.

The CI HUB and NetX integration allowed you to pull in your assets and build the UI or UX framework in Sketch. Now you can create user-friendly, appealing designs - with your brand assets in mind - without toggling between tools. 

Create visuals in Figma

Figma is a creative tool that allows anyone to build design wireframes, collaborate with producers, share files, and prototype projects. With the NetX integration with CI HUB, pulling your images and assets into Figma is simple.

Whether you are designing a new website experience or making UX updates, NetX will allow you to pull in the media you need and create your Figma file, seamlessly. The result is a quicker turnaround on projects, better collaboration, and more efficient file storage. What’s not to love? 

Place images in Wordpress and SharePoint

The CI HUB connector now also allows you to search your assets in NetX and place them into your Wordpress or SharePoint site. No more worrying about people placing unapproved assets, simply use permissions to ensure people are only using approved images. The CI HUB Connector also allows you to ensure only correctly sized images are placed into your site. 

Create and Explore with CI HUB x NetX

NetX’s latest integration with CI HUB makes your work-in-progress workflow more efficient and stress-free. You’re empowered to create, build, collaborate, share, store, and explore more than ever before.

CI HUB was built with your favorite creative tools in mind, so everything you need is within your reach. The integration with NetX then allows you to use your assets to your benefit, without hopping between apps or windows. 

Not only can you create and share more, but you can store your new media with confidence. Versioning allows you to save your assets without overriding the original file. Everything is safe within your trusted NetX DAM.

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