Decades of DAM Experience

NetX has been a leader in the Digital Asset Management market for more than 20 years. We love our DAM jobs and we have so much fun working with organizations and helping them achieve their goals. 

Our History

NetX was founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon, and then later that year opened a small satellite office in Tokyo, Japan. Focusing on the emerging market for web-based application development, the company rapidly gained a reputation as a leader in server-based dynamic imaging solutions.

In its infancy, NetX used to perform a wide variety of long-term consulting and professional services engagements, including building custom web-based software applications for several Fortune 1000 companies including Disney, C-Net, Sony, US Bank, Hallmark, and Cisco. Many of the components of these projects developed into the beta version of NetX’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.



NetX launches first DAM product



NetX adds mature DAM service offerings, including SaaS.



NetX adds video support and expands beyond image assets.



NetX changes ownership, with Jason Wehling as President, and Kevin Peoples as Vice President of Product.



NetX releases HTML5 front-end.

Our Mission

Making the DAM invisible to the user has been one of our primary goals. We want users to get work done by ensuring the DAM does not get in their way. Unobtrusive, frictionless. DAM simple.



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