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What to expect in onboarding

We recognize that every organization is unique, which is why we tailor our proven onboarding program to meet the specific needs of your organization. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will develop an implementation strategy that works for your team, resulting in DAM success!

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We help your team define system requirements through user stories. With a clear picture of who needs to do what and why. We then facilitate a series of workshops to navigate through:

  • folders & taxonomy structures
  • metadata & attributes
  • users & permissions
  • system features & workflows

In addition to addressing common DAM principles and best practices, these workshops determine the best implementation of your requirements in NetX.

Throughout the onboarding program, we guide you through preparing your assets and data for migration.


We believe that ownership & governance of any system is critical. We provide extensive admin-level training on system configuration and general DAM best practices. This in-depth familiarity equips your team to manage the system, integrate new workflows, facilitate training and support end-users following system launch.


We want your implementation to succeed, both now and down the line. The NetX team works closely together to transfer knowledge gained during your onboarding. This ensures your team has a smooth transition to the NetX Support Team and your dedicated Account Manager at the end of the onboarding program.

We’re here for you every step of your DAM journey.