Celebrate your victories, find your assets

Learn how NetX has transformed the way professional sports teams manage media assets and milestones to fuel fan engagement and more!

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The entire history of your team, at your fingertips

From game day to the founding of the team – every player, coach, moment, milestone, subject, object, story, and location is fully organized, tagged and accessible, from the day you turn it on!

You’ll love us, we’re social

Capture photos and videos of your season and push them out to various social media platforms to engage your fans.

Sit back and relax, we’ll do all the work for you

We know you’re busy. Sit back and relax, and we’ll handle all of the content organization and tagging for you, or use our simple do-it-yourself workflows.

Cut costs and improve productivity

Break down silos and streamline access to content, to cut costs, improve productivity and fuel collaboration, ideation and innovation enterprise-wide!

Stuck in a bad relationship?

You’re not alone, over 90% of the DAMs that fail don’t have the people, skills or resources to be successful. Need help? Our turnkey launch and fully managed solutions deliver successful implementations 100% of the time! Ask for a free demo.