Brand Asset Management Mercy Corps Crop

Form an emotional connection with your customers

Every interaction that customers and partners have with your brand - including your digital asset management system - reinforces perception, so it has to be good. Overlay a branded interface on top of your NetX folders, to reflect your organization’s corporate identity.


How Brand Portals Work

Administrators can add custom logos, font colors, and color schemes directly from NetX. Building a carousel is as simple as dragging images into a folder. The folders you select for your brand images become the folders for your brand portal site.


  • Develop a centralized hub for branded materials that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Ensure the latest assets and guidelines are always available.
  • Reduce content misuse and file duplication, no coding required.
  • Includes a lightweight content management system for adding text web pages.
  • Available as a hosted service, with 99.9% uptime and 24/7 delivery.
  • Track engagement with Google Analytics and NetX reports.

Flexible Templates for Customization

Choose from eleven standard “out-of-the-box” templates for a fully branded experience.

No coding required

Brand portals are just as intuitive to build as they are to use. Just drag and drop images and change file names in NetX, and the Brand Portal does the rest.

Mobile-friendly and Responsive

HTML5 is the new standard that makes it easy to display multimedia on tablets and mobile devices. The NetX application and Brand Portal templates are powered by a built-in HTML5 framework that delivers a toolbox of styles and actions for building interactive and branded experiences.

Private or Public

Brand portals can be open to everyone or require users to log-in. Authentication is powered by NetX Active Directory and SSO, making access configurations and tracking log-ins easier.


On-premise or SaaS NetX 8.5 installations.

How to Purchase

Contact your account manager to see a demo of brand portals and learn about pricing options.