How brands are embracing their past to inspire their future with DAM software

February 19, 2019

For a digital asset management platform, it’s not enough to be just a place to store digital archives — DAM software needs to be a way to access assets, connect with your company’s history, and promote your brand.

One of our partners, Heritage Werks, fully embodies this concept. Heritage Werks is a specialist in archival services who works with sports teams, fashion brands, celebrities, and Dow 30 and Fortune 500 companies to digitize their archives.

But Heritage Werks offers more than just digital archiving services, says Keir Walton, the company’s founder and CEO. By archiving a client’s heritage digitally and presenting it in a format their employees can access and engage with, they’re creating a valuable asset. In a survey of one client, a pharmaceutical company, Heritage Werks found that the number one value users reported was getting inspiration for their work.  

Much of that inspiration comes from understanding the company’s history and the accomplishments of people who came before them, says Keir. “Because, ultimately, employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves.”

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A DAM that works like a website

Heritage Werks uses NetX to deliver a valuable internal marketing tool to help inspire employees. The NetX Portal makes content easily accessible and searchable, and Heritage Werks also uses our MicroCMS pages within the Portal to create specialized content pages. 

The value of MicroCMS pages is that they allow Heritage Werks to deliver something more customized than you would get with a traditional DAM, says Bridget Reddick, the company’s director of content and communications. “Part of what’s so exciting for us is that the MicroCMS option allows a lot of customization and creativity,” she says.

For example, a client may have a specific type of content in their archives they want to collect for internal use, or assets connected to a story about the company’s history, mission, or goals they want to use to help inspire employees.

One of Heritage Werks’ core deliverables is a timeline guide of a client’s historical events and milestones to help them look forward to major anniversaries. They can make this guide even more accessible by creating a MicroCMS page with a shortcut to the PDF guide and links to relevant content within the rest of the digital archive in the NetX platform.

Or, when one of the Heritage Werks’ Major League Baseball clients asked them for a way to gather everything from their most recent season into one place, the company was able to use a MicroCMS page to collect links to photography and other assets that were stored throughout NetX, making the page a one-stop reference point for the entire season.

“The value of NetX is that they have done a great job of understanding that the DAM needs to emulate a website,” says Keir. “It has to do more than deliver time saving. It has to be able to inspire, motivate, engage, empower, inform, and educate.”

How will you use MicroCMS pages?

As part of the NetX Portal, MicroCMS pages give you the ability to create an even more customized, engaging experience for users.

Use them to create a centralized hub to distribute brand guidelines to internal staff and external media, collect assets together by year or theme, highlight history and achievements, or to provide additional context to inspire and educate users.

You can choose from multiple templates, making it simple to add new pages. And, of course, MicroCMS pages are as mobile-friendly and responsive as the rest of the NetX Brand Portal, creating a beautiful, user-friendly experience.

How will you use MicroCMS pages? Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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