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NetX I/O

NetX I/O automatically syncs files to and from NetX, allowing teams to automate file management globally.

Automated File Sync

NetX I/O is a powerful app that offers seamless upload and download functionality between your local environment and NetX.

  • Synchronize your desktop or a network share with NetX.
  • Let creators work directly on the file system, but get the benefits of fully managed assets in NetX.
  • Ensure the latest version of the file is always available from anywhere.

How NetX I/O Works

Installed locally on a desktop or network server, the NetX I/O app is set to synchronize a designated parent folder with an associated NetX instance. When importing or updating assets, either locally or in NetX, the I/O app automatically syncs assets between the two locations, ensuring that a single source of the asset remains accessible at all times. What is available locally is always the same as what is in NetX.


Five Modes

NetX I/O syncs files in five different ways:
  1. Import Mode
    Import the contents of a specified folder directly into NetX from your desktop. This is a handy use of the NetX I/O tool which allows for a hands-free approach to getting assets into NetX with little effort past the quick set-up.

  2. Export Mode
    Select a folder on your desktop to download assets directly from NetX. Any subfolders and assets are downloaded to your desktop periodically without having to monitor changes within NetX.

  3. Watched Folder Mode
    Drop files locally, and transfer them directly to NetX. Local files are deleted once in NetX, but folders are left in place.

  4. Merge Mode
    Transfer only what’s missing between NetX and your local file system. This safety mode allow only additions to propagate.

  5. Sync Mode
    Bi-directionally synchronize files between NetX and a local file system. Add, move, rename and delete: mirror actions in both locations.


  • Bypass the browser: Creators use NetX I/O to automatically upload assets to NetX from their desktops. 
  • Keep libraries up-to-date: Preserve a single source of assets, locally or remotely.
  • Customize for functionality: Configure syncing and file updates to fit your team's needs.
  • Protect your assets: Mistakes happen, but you can keep those mistakes to a minimum with NetX I/O's configurable delete limit.
  • Detailed hands-off features: Specify system memory usage, syncing frequency, and watched folders that map to NetX.

Set the pace of I/O

Administrators can specify how much system memory I/O is using, how frequently syncing happens, and which local folders I/O maps to NetX categories.

Guard against costly errors

NetX I/O has pre-set deletion limit of 100 assets to safeguard against accidental deletion and overwrite errors. This can be adjusted at the administrator's discretion.


NetX I/O 2 is compatible with NetX 8.11 SP2.

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