Oracle SSO available through integration with NetX DAM

September 20, 2013

At one point in time, dial-up connection seemed state of the art. The same could be said for LDAP integration. But having integrated with LDAP since 2005, NetXposure quickly saw the future was in single-sign-on.

With NetXposure’s latest integration with Oracle, NetX now has an SSO solution to meet everyone’s needs.

As an early integrator with CAS, NetX can offer clients the option to use an open-source SSO solution. For those requiring a SaaS SSO option, NetX announced its integration with PingOne, an Enterprise Cloud-based SSO provider, last year. Now with Oracle, NetXposure can prove commercially supported on-premise SSO for its enterprise solutions.

For more information about how Netx can solve your SSO needs, contact us today. Read the following article for more information about digital asset management SSO.



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