Flexible. Friendly. Open.

The technology philosophy behind NetXposure solutions is another attractive quality to prospective customers. Unlike other systems that lock data in an encrypted “black box”, NetXposure technologies are based on open standards and are built to be as flexible as possible with the ability to integrate into a wide variety of technology environments.

We like our products to be transparent, and open.


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Open Standards

At its heart, NetXposure is an Enterprise Java application. We built it to run in most compliant Java Servlet containers;by default, we ship with Apache Tomcat. Java is effectively the platform, and this allows the application to play friendly just about anywhere. On Windows. Mac. Linux. Even in a virtualized environment.

But we go a set further. All the interfaces and protocols are open-standards based, including: SOAP, JSON, JDBC, LDAP, HTTP, SMTP.

And even when we have proprietary systems — such as the Java and application cores — all the internal libraries are available and fully documented in case you want to build systems on top of our platform. There’s no lock-in.


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The system is an amalgam of various enterprise components, including a search engine, storage, database, and various third-party imaging and transcoding engines. This design is deliberately layered so that it’s flexible and friendly. We support JDBC-compliant databases, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. We support LDAP-compliant Directory Servers, including Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and Novell eDirectory. The storage only needs to be abstracted from the filesystem — there are no vendor requirements for this. This means you can use an internal hard drive, a NAS, a SAN or various other storage systems.

Open Design

The design is entirely open. Our database schema is available and published. Our SOAP and REST API are published and meticulously documented. All assets are stored on the file system with their file names unchanged — and their location mirroring the application’s category structure. The data is readily exportable to CSV for easy transporting and repurposing.


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