NetX Announces Version 7

March 19, 2014

When it comes down to it, most DAM software will have a lot of the same features: upload, categorize, download, and share. So what really sets individual vendors apart from each other? For NetX, usability and easy adoption is the most important feature. If it’s not easy to use, your users simply won’t use it.

Just as important as technical features is finding a vendor that is willing to work with you to understand your requirements — helping you achieve a implementation that covers all of your needs. NetXposure prides itself in customer service and client relationships. Much of the NetX platform was built as the result of user feedback and solutions developed to meet ever expanding workflow and multi-channel publishing needs. Our clients push our product to be better.

NetXposure is proud to announce the release of its new HTML5 NetX 7, the most user-friendly and fastest version of NetX to date, which is available today as a public beta.

Take a look at some our favorite new features.


The new HTML5 front end is easier to use than ever, and allows for CSS skinning to provide your organization with a custom look and feel. On top of being an incredibly clean and straight-forward UI, it is also compatible with mobile devices. Find out more about this feature.

Auto-Fill Metadata 

The new Autofill feature allows administrators to upload a CSV of metadata, which acts as a metadata tagging map. Using the first matched value as a key, the NetX system can automatically fill in the rest of the matching metadata fields according to the values listed in the CSV.  Find out more about this feature.


Controlled Vocabulary
Administrators can tie the acceptable values for an asset into a list of acceptable terms, which are imported into the system via a CSV or TXT file, thus creating a controlled vocabulary. Find out more about this feature.


Category Metadata
Metadata is one of the most important parts of a DAM implementation; but let’s face it, end users don’t like to tag assets. With the new Category Metadata feature, the system can automatically tag assets according to which category the assets are imported into. Find out more about this feature.


Enhanced NetX Connect
Drag and drop assets from the newly designed NetX Connect panel into InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator. The new panel also allows InDesign users to set up a local WIP cache to speed up production times. Find out more about this feature.

Tag Panel
Often times assets are visually distinguishable from each other, and thus users are able to add appropriate metadata tags based on their appearance. The NetX Tag Panel makes this process unbelievably easy, by allowing end-users to apply metadata values to multiple assets at once. Find out more about this feature.


Amazon Glacier Support
Let’s face it, assets grow old and expire, it’s a part of life. But what do you do with these expired assets when their life cycle is complete? Why not automate a process to archive them in Amazon Glacier? Don’t worry, NetX will keep a thumbnail and record of the asset, and if you need it back, just put in a request to have the asset pulled back down to the DAM. Find out more about this feature.


Ad builder

Are your designers bogged down by making small changes to brochures, digital signage, and other one-offs? The NetX Ad Builder allows designers to create branded templates one time, and then let end users easily edit text and images to create the materials they need. This is truly print and distribute on demand! Find out more about this feature.

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