Using Amazon S3 Storage with NetXposure

May 31, 2012

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a distributed, highly available and cost effective storage system that is part of Amazon’s Web Services offering.

NetXposure can be configured to store and manage files and metadata stored at Amazon S3, providing a simple interface for accessing files from your Digital Asset Management system at any time, from anywhere on the web.

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Take Advantage of Cost-Effective and Reliable Cloud Storage

NetXposure can be configured to utilize your Amazon S3 account to store all your assets. The location and update synchronization is managed with NetXposure, so files and metadata can be browsed or searched as if they were stored locally.  All changes are stored local in a temporary directory, then  synchronized with the original file on S3 to preserve version control.

Keep a Remote Copy for Off-site Disaster Recovery

NetX uses Amazon S3 to provide geographically redundant backups of your asset repository, including any derivatives that cannot be regenerated from the original source file, asset metadata and your site's custom configuration. We mirror these data in near realtime to ensure the highest possible fidelity in the event of a disaster. Additionally, you can configure this synchronization to support only additions and modifications while ignoring deleted files which can maximize resources and provide a remote “trash can” in cases of user error.

Your Data is Safe and Secure

All communication between NetXposure Core and Amazon S3 is done securely over an encrypted HTTPS connection, to assure files and data are not exposed as they travel between NetXposure and Amazon.

By integrating NetXposure with Amazon S3, organizations of any size can realize scalable, reliable, fast, cost-effective data storage for their digital assets.

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