NetXposure heads to Createasphere in LA

February 20, 2013


NetXposure is packing up its bags and heading to Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimmin' pools, movie stars, and Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference, Feb. 27-28.

Stop by the Evening Reception on Feb. 27 at the Beverly Hills Hilton where the NetXposure team will once again be talking DAM and hosting a cocktail party. Or stop by to hear our client Maryanne Doran from Travel Alberta on the "DAM is not Software" panel, on the 27th from 11:15-12:15.

Travel Alberta is a government agency tasked with promoting travel within the Alberta providence. In the travel industry, images and video are vital. For anyone who creates travel-related content, there is a constant hunt to find good contextual media, with usage rights. Journalists, ad agencies, TV producers, writers, and travel marketers are highly dependent on visual elements to compliment their travel pieces. However, locating those high-quality procurable assets can be ... tedious.

At the same time, travel and tourism organizations are often content creators, investing in production of high-quality, region-specific imagery created for broadcasters, publishers, media, etc. Coming from the content “supply side”, teams at these organizations are tasked with transcoding this content into appropriate formats and device derivatives, and finally, with management and distribution of the approved files.

This collection of digital media are a travel organization’s “brand assets”, and as such, demand the balance of protection and distribution well known to any consumer brand. Content producers in the travel industry face a Digital Asset Management challenge, with requirements around three key areas.

1 - Media transcoding for the appropriate device, format, and medium.

2 - Web-based “Findability”, with intuitive search terms known to their user base.

3 – Powerful user management: media request / approval system, usage tracking, and detailed access control options.

Stop by our booth, 117, and learn how NetXposure helped Travel Alberta solve these complicated workflows. If you’d like to schedule some face time with the NetX team to tell us about what you’ve been up to, or see some of our new features, shoot us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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