Consulting on technical or best-practice issues that fall outside the scope of standard Support and Training policies is available upon request, and priced on a case-by-case basis. Consulting is billed on an hourly basis for Business / Usage consulting and Technical / Engineering consulting. If onsite travel is needed, these expenses will be billed separately. Consulting deliverables are typically defined after detailed conversions about the installation requirements — and the customer’s resources. When consulting is needed it usually falls into one of following categories:

Taxonomy Consulting

Taxonomy refers to setting up a category structure and metadata scheme that best reflects organizational workflow. Consulting on taxonomy will cover the following topics:

  • Category structure management
  • Category structure strategy
  • Metadata Set Up (embedded and custom fields)
  • Overall Metadata Strategy

User Levels / Permission Consulting

Consulting on User Levels and Permissions focuses on properly assigning the various levels — of functionality accessible to different users of the system, and assigning appropriate access to categories and assets to the different users and groups of users in the system. This will cover the following topics:

  • Directory server integration
  • Users and Groups (adding and editing)
  • Overall User / Group strategy
  • ACL Technology
  • Open vs. Closed configuration
  • Permissions (adding and editing)
  • Overall Permissions strategy

Custom Workflow Consulting

This category of consulting is defined on a case by case basis, and involves NetXposure technical expertise on subjects that fall outside the scope, knowledge base and support of the core DAM solution. Often times this will include:

  • Custom workflow research and development
  • Integrations with external application via Web Services API
  • Integrating third party technology into the NetXposure DAM
  • Overall workflow strategy