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NetXposure releases NETXPOSURE 5.5

November 17, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore. — Nov. 4, 2009 — NetXposure today announced the release of NETXPOSURE 5.5, the first major update to the fifth version of NetXposure’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.  Building on the success of the groundbreaking release of the fifth version of NetXposure’s DAM --  the first on the market built with an Adobe Flex user interface  --  the NETXPOSURE 5.5 release focuses on enhanced performance of the underlying technology, sets a new standard for enterprise DAM quality, and lays the foundation for a broad range of innovative new features.

“When we released the fifth version last year we added a ton of new features to take advantage of the new platform afforded to us by the Adobe Flex interface,” said Jason Wehling, NetXposure’s President.  “With this release we focused solely on rebuilding the underlying technology to improve performance.  Our goal was speed and efficiency, and we’re happy with the results.”

NETXPOSURE 5.5 is a next generation Rich Internet Application (RIA) that has been re-coded to be even more efficient and stable when handling large volumes of files than 5.0, the original Flex version of the product.  Recent QA metric tests on version 5.5 compared to 5.0 produced the following results:

  • 40% faster screen load times
  • 50% - 80% faster file import speeds

In addition, customers will experience an intuitively expressive user experience, and new built-in tools that take advantage of technologies like Adobe AIR to help merge the Web and desktop experience. NETXPOSURE 5.5 also offers seamless interactivity with digital assets from virtually any application, including integration with Adobe Creative Suite, and runs identically in all major browsers and operating systems. 

About NetXposure

NetXposure delivers software solutions that reduce the time and cost of content production, maximize ROI from media assets, and streamline the workflows of managing large libraries of digital files. With a history as an industry pioneer in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), NetXposure has become a leader in delivering Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries.  To find out how NetXposure's products and services can unlock the value of your digital assets please visit our website: or call (503) 499-4342.

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