Portland, OR, 2001 September

NetXposure, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is one of the first companies to have partnered with Adobe Systems to support Adobe' s new AlterCast dynamic imaging server, announced today at the Seybold Conference in San Francisco.

Adobe Systems is the leader in network publishing, and with AlterCast Adobe provides a solution that automates the time-consuming process of creating and repurposing Web and print imagery. AlterCast is based on Adobe' s award-winning Photoshop and Illustrator technology and file formats, and features an open architecture that was designed to intregrate with a broad range of applications.

NetXposure' s enterprise software helps global corporations manage and deliver content ready for print, Web and wireless. NetXposure has already integrated AlterCast with its own Exogen software system to provide clients with powerful solutions for managing and serving images.

"For years, we have had databases and applications capable of delivering dynamic data but images to date have remained static," said Jason Wehling, Executive Vice President and CTO for NetXposure. "Adobe AlterCast is truly groundbreaking in that it brings the power of dynamic control over high quality images to content management and e-commerce solutions."

NetXposure is part of the Adobe Solutions Network, and as such provides the highest level of service for AlterCast, including software integration, services, sales, and support. For further information on Adobe AlterCast or NetXposure Exogen, please contact NetXposure.