SAN FRANCISCO - January 7, 2004-

NetXposure, the leader in focused Web applications, today launched at Macworld the enhanced edition of Image Portal X. Image Portal X, the truly Web-based digital asset management (DAM) solution smartly centralizes, processes and leverages companies' digital assets. The latest Image Portal X version further streamlines asset usage with major functionality additions from InCaddy, the Adobe InDesign software plug-in, to enterprise-wide integration capabilities.

Running on the Mac OS X platform, Image Portal X does more than just centrally archive images. The solution is built on NetXposure' s Exogen Application Framework, designed to support complex Web-based content management applications requiring the utmost flexibility. Considering, when compared to common static repositories, Image Portal X makes asset usage a comprehensive yet simple enough task manageable by trained designers or non-technical users.

Image Portal X previously streamlined business operations with batch processing, extensive metadata tagging, and access control. The solution offers an enhanced feature set that opens doors to creative, new uses for a centralized DAM system. LDAP support, for example, is available to link a company' s contact database with Image Portal' s permission-based access control features. Automatically assigning user access-levels as each individual is added to the database eliminates the need for an administrator to manually engage Image Portal users. Also new to Image Portal X is the Web Services ability, enabling the corporate DAM solution to communicate with external computer systems to speed the sharing of critical information.

For Adobe InDesign software users, Image Portal X supports InCaddy-the smart plug-in linking directly to Image Portal' s repository and processing engine from the InDesign menu bar. Designer' s productivity simply increases, as they no longer need to download and import images outside of the publishing software.

"Image Portal X' s ability to morph with a company' s growth and demands challenges everything the public believes is possible regarding cost-effective digital asset management solutions," said Jason Wehling, NetXposure' s VP of Technology. "NetXposure historically travels that path of unprecedented achievements through independent accomplishments as well as joint successes with market leaders like Adobe. And, we intend to continue."

The intricate weaving of each new Image Portal X capability composes a powerful technological resource that no company housing assets should be without. The strong Exogen backbone enables the solution to sit effectively at the center of a company' s digital asset universe. In turn, Image Portal X' s ROI increases with every new application deployed around it. Image Portal X' s current version also includes advanced search capabilities that allow for multiple keyword queries as well as in-text searches.

For more information on Image Portal X with InCaddy, please send an email to sales (at) netx (dot) net or call 503.499.4342.

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NetXposure leads the market in focused Web applications. With a history of building affordable and essential business solutions for companies across multiple industries, NetXposure produces the Image Portal Family: the most cost-effective, Web-based Digital Asset Management solutions available. Utilizing the extensive Web Services API, Image Portal integrates with any business system and unleashes the full value of corporate assets. Image Portal provides immediate benefits such as maximizing employee productivity and raising partner and customer satisfaction.

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