NetXposure 6.1 released

March 21, 2012

New Functions and Features


Version 6.1 is availble for on-premise DAM customers as well as our cloud base DAM models

User Interface

The first thing you’ll notice about version 6.1 is the improvements to the user interface: the flow, the efficiency, and the helpful visual cues. First, we’ve added format contextual icons to assets with thumbnails in the list view. These icons provide an easy and effective way to distinguish your PSD from your PDF from the TIFF:

Next, we’ve added hover controls to the gallery, so that you can add assets to the cart in a single click:
Similarly, these features have been added to the new List view as well, which allows users to see more metadata while they’re working:

The header controls have been augmented to provide an easy way back to your asset results from anywhere in the DAM. Similarly, you can also get back to your shared items as well:

Oe more UI update, we’ve added a new HTML5-based upload tool that allow users to drag and drop multiple files for importing from their web browser, including files larger than 2GB:

Video Asset Management


NetXposure has added a number of new video-related functions. First, you can provide video preset transcoding actions. This repurpose function can be combined with the second addition: the ability to trim video timelines:

Additionally, NetXposure has integrated Adobe’s Strobe video player into the application itself, as well as provides this player as an embeddable player for external site publishing from the DAM:

Asset Sharing Options

While we added the Public Links function in version 6.0, it’s been so popular that we’ve made a number of improvements, including asset-specific links, password protection, and improved file name management.

For sharing via FTP, we’ve added Secure FTP (SFTP) support, as well as an Address Book for managing your FTP accounts.
While we’ve always enabled users to Share Carts with other users, we’ve added this same function to the Saved Searches.

Imaging Engines

The DAM relies on various third-party technologies for visualizing, presenting and transcoding asset files within the DAM, and version 6.1 of NetXposure sports many improved integrations with our partners.

First, we’ve upgraded the DAM to support Adobe InDesign Server CS5.5. Second, we’ve added many functional improvements to our Telestream FlipFactory support, including improved and expanded format handling, trimming, and preset video processing. Third, we’ve added support for Apple Quicktime for those running the DAM server on the Mac OS X platform.
Specifically for Equilibrium MediaRich, we’ve added improved Color Profile management, including explicit support within the repurpose options, where users can choose to convert to a specific profile, or to assign the proper profile:

Custom Catalog: InDesign Templates to PDF

Lastly, we’ve added improved support for exporting custom PDF catalogs using your own creative designs. The custom catalog function allow users with neither access to the InDesign desktop application, nor any knowledge of design and layout, to create stunning layouts of asset visuals and data that output to PDF contact sheets.

We’re utilizing Adobe InDesign Server to provide a workflow that includes the tools you’re already using: InDesign. In addition to the template creation flexibility, this also ensures that you’re getting high quality output.

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