NetX Version 7.4

January 16, 2015

For a complete list of features and updates for NetX version 7.4, visit the NetX Support Portal.

Cart Sorting

New to 7.4 is the ability to sort carts based on any file info or system defined attributes. Assets within the carts can also be dragged and dropped to determine the order of a cart. The order will also determine the page layout when using the Create PDF Cart Action.

ShowPad Version 2

The NetX integration with the mobile sales tool, Showpad, has been expanded in 7.4. The new integration allows NetX users to push assets from the NetX system to multiple Showpad accounts.

Keyword Phrase Suggestions

Version 7.4 expands on the system’s ability to suggest keyword search terms. This property will allow the system to recommend entire phrases as suggested search terms. For example, if an end user types “Mod,” the system would recommend “Modern,” as well as the phrase, “Modern Museum of Art.”

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