NetX Version 7.3

December 19, 2014

NetX 7.3 offers a number of features that will make the lives of administrators much easier.

For a complete list of features and updates, visit the NetX Support Portal.

Enhanced Auditing

New auditing in the NetX system allows administrators to fully immerse themselves in the role of lead detective. The new enhancements make it easier than ever to quickly detail who did what, on a particular date, or at a specific time.

Unrestricted File Formats

NetX has long offered the ability to add custom file formats to the list of the accessible file types that can be ingested into the DAM, but now our team has taken it one step further. In version 7.3, administrators can choose to add a property that will allow any file type to be imported into the NetX system.

CSV User Importer

For those teams without an Active Directory or Single Sign On solution, NetX now offers the option of importing users into the system via a CSV spreadsheet.

SWF Presentations

For those working with SWFs, NetX now has the ability to embed SWF files into a PDF. By adding any number of SWFs to a cart, and using the Action, “Create PDF”, users can then open the PDF in Adobe Reader and view a contact sheet of animated SWFs.

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