NetX Version 7.2

December 19, 2014

The new version of NetX continues NetXposure’s commitment to using the DAM as a platform. For a complete list of features and updates, visit the NetX Support Portal.

ConceptShare Pull

For those interested in using the DAM for only finished or approved assets, 7.2 offers the ability to use ConceptShare for work in progress assets. By using ConceptShare for WIP assets, only approved assets will be pulled into the NetX system. The approval process can also kick off an AutoTask in the system to alert users or initiate any number of workflows.

Enhanced Reporting

As a long-time Adobe partner, NetX has added additional reporting options for those using our Creative Suite integration. The NetX Statistics tool now includes the ability to run reports on assets placed into InDesign files through the NetX Connect Panel. Captured information includes when they were placed, and which user placed them.

Additional reporting has also been added to the NetX Download Justification Form. You can read a case study on how Travel Alberta uses the Download Justification Form here.

Asset Request Form

NetX now has the ability to create custom upload forms that can be quickly created and emailed directly from the NetX system. Each form represents a folder in the NetX system, and users can quickly choose whether they want the system to automatically email an individual user or a group of users, when new assets are imported to the folder. Users can also select which metadata fields they want end users to fill out. The system also has the ability to create custom form fields which can be mapped back to system defined metadata fields. In the example below, the value added to the Photographer form field will be mapped to the internal metadata field called Image Credit.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.23.37 AM
When the form is saved, users can copy and paste the link to the HTML5 upload form, or email it directly from the NetX system. The HTML5 uploader form does not require authentication, and was created to offer a drag and drop solution for teams requiring bulk uploads from a variety of outside sources. The form can be customized to meet branding needs.

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