Netxposure announces ConceptShare Integration

May 2, 2013

Collaborating on centralized media assets is increasingly important for enterprise marketing, production and creative teams. For marketers, project managers, designers and clients, the need to quickly review and approve work in progress assets is expanding. Through its integration with ConceptShare, Netx now offers enhanced capabilities for review, mark up and annotation on managed media collections.

“We realize that for a growing number of users, mark up and approval is a key component in their workflow,” said Jason Wehling, President of Netx. “Combining our existing workflow tools with ConceptShare allows our users to be more efficient than ever, without having to leave the Netx system.”

Netx has a long history of automating complex workflows, via its internal XML-based AutoTask engine. With the integration of ConceptShare, Netx clients can combine multi-tier review/approval workflows with AutoTask workflows such as asset transcoding, syndication, sharing and publishing.

The ConceptShare integration will be available to both on-premise and cloud-based Netx DAM clients, allowing them to mark up and review documents, images, audio, videos, and web pages.

“We are proud that Netx selected ConceptShare and chose to integrate with our Creative Operations Management platform,” said Nish Patel, CEO of ConceptShare. “The integration will allow Netx customers to more efficiently review, approve and collaborate on creative work and have a single system for managing assets through their entire lifecycle.”

“Cross-team collaboration is a necessity for our clients,” said Kevin Peoples, VP of Product for Netx. “The integration with ConceptShare's excellent markup and review tools greatly enhances the collaborative capabilities of the Netx DAM. With intuitive annotation and approval features, the ConceptShare integration provides a new level of clarity and efficiency around media reviews for Netx clients.”

About Netxposure

Netx is an expert solution provider in Digital Asset Management, and its enterprise software is utilized by many of the world’s largest brands. The core Netx application is offered both as a cloud-based service, and an on-premise solution. The company is singularly focused on solutions for enterprise management of digital media.

About ConceptShare

ConceptShare is the leading Creative Operations Management (COM) platform that allows organizations to share, review, collaborate on and approve creative work. Designed for enterprise marketing teams, creative teams and their stakeholders, ConceptShare allows users to easily manage review and approval projects, capture clear and actionable feedback on creative work, and coordinate stakeholder input. ConceptShare is used by many of the world's leading brands, agencies and content producers.


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