NetX 7.1 includes Drupal integration, CMIS support, and ConceptShare Upgrade

July 30, 2014

NetXposure is pleased to announce version 7.1. This latest release continues down the path of NetX becoming the system of record for all brand assets. The focus of this release is expanding integrations, including better database synchronization tools, ConceptShare, Drupal, CMIS, and upgrades to NetX's new HTML5 interface.

In partnership with Seattle Drupal developers Fuse IQ, NetX is announcing direct integration with Drupal. The new integration allows assets and metadata to be fed from the NetX system into Drupal. The Drupal integration relies largely on NetX’s robust API, which is also getting an update as part of the 7.1 release.

NetXposure now supports CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) version 1.1.

“This is yet another example of NetX staying ahead of the curve and supporting open standards,” said NetXposure President, Jason Wehling.

As part of its release, NetX 7.1 offers a new sync feature, which can be tied into any external database — such as TMS (Gallery Systems), Embark, or any other custom database. This sync allows admins to define columns in the external database and map them to specific metadata fields — and determine if they need to be normalized — in the NetX system. The tool can also use multiple columns in the the external database to pinpoint an asset in the NetX system.

“We want to plug NetX into anything our customers use to store data,” said Wehling.

NetX 7.1 offers the second version of NetXposure’s HTML5 public beta. This new release offers expanded features and functions surrounding sharing, uploading, and metadata tagging; adding roughly 30 percent more of the core features of the NetX application into the new HTML5 front end.

An updated integration with ConceptShare, version 4, is also included in the 7.1 release. The new integration makes it easier than ever for enterprise marketers to keep up with the growing demand of easily reviewing, managing and approving work in progress assets. ConceptShare version 4 offers increased collaboration tools, making it easier than ever for teams to stay on the same page throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset.

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