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How Visual Search works

Through the Visual Search search module, users have the ability to filter assets by color as well as use an image or video to find similar images and videos. The platform will even include images that might not match as well as others, which allows all results to show, not simply ones that NetX deems a match to the search criteria. Visual Search doesn’t show results in a random order, either; each result is sorted from best match to least, so the perfect images are quick to find.

Find similar images

Although Visual Search is primarily geared toward image content, this module allows for finding not only similar images, but videos as well.

Users can use a sample image to launch a “like image” search, in which images that are visually similar to the sample are displayed through our search technology. Finding images that have sky and grass or smiling portraits, for example, has never been easier. The possibilities are endless, and that ideal hero image for your brochure is just within reach.

Search images by color

Find assets that suit specific color requirements with ultimate flexibility, right from the global search bar. Visual Search doesn’t require navigation to a folder first, as it searches across the entire platform. It’s a fantastic way to browse the full extent of images available in your DAMS, initiated via two methods:

  • Enter specific hex color values (ex: #000000)
  • Select values from a full color wheel



  • Lightning fast searching.
  • Find images that are similar to one another.
  • Select any number of colors at once.
  • Find images with more of one color or another through weighting.

Weight search results

By specifying colors in a certain manner, the sort hierarchy of search results can be fully manipulated. A good example of this is when searching with multiple colors; entering a color value more than once will weigh the results more in favor of that particular color.

No ordinary color search

Typical color search involves being provided a set palette of colors to choose from, which drastically limits reliability and the result is not always as expected. Or, only a single color at a time may be chosen.

With Visual Search in NetX, this all changes — search with multiple colors, use exact color values, and even combine with other filtering options available in NetX.


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