NetX JIRA Connector 


Couple the power of JIRA and NetX to streamline tasks and workflows.

Simplify your workflow

Submit Assets and Metadata directly into NetX from a JIRA ticket

  • A request for digital photography (or other production) is initiated in JIRA
  • Task recipient can attach documents, images, and metadata to JIRA ticket.
  • JIRA attachments (and metadata) are routed to NetX automatically, into a folder named after JIRA Ticket ID# 

Connect JIRA to NetX in 3 simple steps

    1. Configure a folder
      Configure a NetX instance and folder in JIRA’s admin panel. Or enter a folder name and NetX will automatically create it.

    2. Map attributes
      Define the JIRA field values that NetX will save as attributes such as ticket case numbers or project notes.

    3. Assign group permissions
      Assign access and upload privileges to specific JIRA users and groups.

How the JIRA Connector works

A project request is entered and submitted as a JIRA ticket, including attachment files. Documents are ingested into the NetX project intake folder, JIRA ticket values become attributes of the asset. In NetX, JIRA assets can be related to other files and assigned to workflows such as approval reviews.


  • Increases productivity by avoiding duplicitous data entry tasks in two software systems.
  • Centralizes project information inside NetX where creative teams can easily reference it.
  • Associates project details with an asset that falls outside the usual taxonomy or metadata descriptions.
  • Design custom workflows suited to many business processes.
  • Control sensitive documents by saving them securely in a DAM.

Remove Duplicate Steps

Invest time into creating project documentation, not submitting tickets. The JIRA Connector removes the added step of submitting project assets to NetX by ingesting directly when you submit a JIRA project request.

Streamline Creative Workflows

Creative projects, such as photography and design work, have many moving parts. Use NetX to manage the creative workflow, and JIRA to manage project timeline and deliverables.


NetX 8.5+, JIRA 6 / 7

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