NetXposure Version 6.2

For Version 6.2, we really listened to our clients about features and functionality  they were looking for within the NetX DAM, and as a result, 6.2 is a combination of User Interface and Asset Management Improvements, along with some high-level integrations.


User Experience 

Upon logging into NetX, users are presented with a “Welcome” screen comprised of pods. These pods can be customized to display groups of assets or RSS feeds. New to 6.2, is the ability to create pods that display the latest categories a user has viewed, or the most popular search terms being used across the DAM.



NetXposure continues to allow users the option of customizing the DAM to meet your branding needs. Version 6.2 offers a number of new themes to taylor the NetX experience to your brands’ look and feel. Contact NetX for details about a completely custom UI and portal for your needs. 

Version 6.2 offers admins a single screen to view graphs to show the most useful stats from the NetX system, such as bandwidth storage, assets, and users.


Asset Management

6.2 also offers users several ways to drill down their search results with the addition of the advanced search option. Now users can perform a search and simply click an arrow in the search feild to then search within those search results–search within a search. NetX also added the option quickly perform advanced searches from within a set of search results.


With multiple users, inevitably someone will attempt to ingest an asset into the DAM which has already been imported. New to 6.2 is the option to run and MD5 Checksum on every asset being ingested into the DAM. The DAM will not import a second copy of the asset, and will alert the user a copy of the asset already exists, reducing storage waste. If the user is attempting to ingest the asset into a different category, the DAM will automatically create a placeholder in that category with a path to the original asset.


Download Justification

The entire purpose of a DAM is to the headache out of storing, sharing, and working with your digital assets. Allowing external users to search and download assets from the DAM saves time, but sharing copyrighted or brand sensitive assets can get tricky; which is why NetXposure created the Download Justification Workflow for version 6.2.


External users are required to fill out a justification form to access the DAM, and based on their title—ie: journalist, consumer, marketing personnel—the administrator will assign them a user level with a predetermined set of permissions regarding browsing, downloading, and repurposing. The user can then search and browse the DAM, but when they want to download an asset, they must fill out the Download Justification form, telling the Admin where the asset is going to be used, and for what purpose.

The Admin is sent an email with the request for download, and permission can be granted or denied from the email. This allows companies to ensure the assets are being used in accordance with its standards and brand guidelines, and track where and how its assets are being used.



Finding assets in NetX isn’t a problem, but to help users find the most popular or quality assets, we’ve added Asset Ratings. Users can rate assets on a scale of one to five stars- think Netflix. The system then allows users to create a search based on an aggregated voting system. Now users looking for an image for an ad campaign, for example, can narrow their search results even further, by searching for a specific category, and the highest rated image.

Version 6.2 allows hierarchical metadata fields to be created. This allows users to drill down specific metadata, such as U.S./Oregon/Portland, all from a single metadata field.


Geo Location

NetX continues to take embedded metadata syncs to the next level by now displaying the GPS coordinates of an asset within the DAM. Users can not only see the coordinates, but they can click on them to have the location brought up in Google Maps. 

Version 6.2 makes it easier than ever to download individual assets from the gallery view by providing a download icon on each thumbnail. No need to create a cart or enter the detailed view, simply scan for the asset you’re looking for, and download.

For users managing merchandising workflows, NetX is rolling out placeholder assets. This feature is ideal for those managing physical objects with only product data. Now NetX will hold a spot for these assets until a digital representation can be loaded into the DAM.


Advanced Integration


Content Delivery Networks are incredible mechanisms for massive distribution of media. They solve a number of problems for companies wanting to broadcast information on the Internet,  and give end users what they want: super fast access to content.

NetX is now integrated with Akamai’s EdgePlatform, which consists of over 61000 servers in 1000 networks across 70 countries. This platform handles a significant portion of the world’s Web traffic, and gives clients the assurance their assets will be delivered — fast.


NetXposure is now completely integrated to Amazon S3, and can offer additional storage solutions surrounding mirroring and archiving your DAM to the Cloud.

NetXposure understands that for enterprise organizations, moving quickly and easily through networks and applications is a necessity. But at the same time, security is critical. This is why NetXposure has expanded its Single Sign-On (SSO) options for our clients through an integration with PingOne. NetX can now  offer a quick and easy SSO options for your enterprise. Simply sign up for their cloud service, and NetX seamlessly integrates with your PingOne Identity account.