DAM Keyword Auto Suggest

March 25, 2013

 Netxposure adds Keyword generator to Digital Asset Management Software.

The best way to test the success of your DAM implementation is to see how widely and quickly it’s adopted by your team. One easy way to ensure widespread adoption of your solution is to make your DAM more like Google. People love Google because it makes searching for things you need quick and easy, and it’s familiar to them. Just start typing, and the wizards at Google will start suggesting keywords you might be looking for with its keyword tool.

Well now the NETX search engine is even more like the Google search engine with our new feature, Keyword Auto Suggest. When you start typing, the NetX system scans your metadata to find keyword suggestions for you to perform a search. This reduces spelling mistakes, saves time, and might turn up some hidden gem assets you’ve forgotten about.

 Schedule a demo to see the Keyword Auto Suggest in action.

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