InDesign Workflow: Place images from the DAM

June 7, 2011

NetXposure’s Creative Suite Workflow application allows designers to browse, search, open, import, check in/check out  files, from a desktop Creative Suite Apps.

Using NetXposure’s CS Workflow application, teams connect to the centralized repository, keeping all assets organized, easily retrievable and secure.

InDesign users  have several specific functions made available for InDesign workflows. Creatives can checkout and open their INDD files from the DAM. They can browse and search for imagery, and place those DAM-managed files into InDesign layout. When the INDD is checked back into the DAM, the system automatically detects placed assets and records updates.


With your layout complete, production managers can easily retrieve the project files, convert it into a PDF to be sent to the printer.

The ability to manage images and text without having to leave the application saves designers, layout workers and editors streamlines and supports creative workflow and saves teams lots of time so they can focus on what’s important -- being creative.

InDesign Workflow Video

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Centralized asset management - Open, edit, and save INDD  files from the DAM repository from directly within Adobe InDesign and other Creative Suite applications.
  • InDesign "Place" command -  images can be placed from the DAM directly into InDesign.
  • Version Control - Version your InDEsign files and changed embedded images with each check-in.
  • Linked Assets - When INDD files are checked in, the DAM detects placed images and stores them as Linked Assets

NetXposure’s CS Workflow application is available through the company’s Workflow Module, a collection of applications that help media workers, admins and creatives manage workflows and digital assets from origination to publication.

More information about the NetX CC Panel

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