Drupal and Digital Asset Management

May 11, 2015

NetX and FFW Release a DAM + Drupal Integration

NetX, a leading Enterprise Digital Asset Management company, has teamed up with FFW, the world’s largest Drupal agency, to complete a seamless integration of the NetX digital asset management system with the Drupal CMS.

Working together, the teams have created an experience that allows users in Drupal to search, browse, and place photos, videos, and audio files from the NetX system into posts within Drupal. The combined strength of Drupal and NetX will help organizations with high volumes of digital assets to integrate their collections across the DAM and CMS.
In addition to placing assets into content, users can also upload assets, as well as tag metadata in Drupal, and have the assets immediately imported into the NetX platform. Users can browse through their folder trees, or search assets using metadata, within Drupal.

“This integration continues our goal of having the NetX solution be the system of record for all brand assets,” said Jason Wehling, president and CTO of NetXposure.

The brand new NetX Drupal module is the key to the integration between the two systems. The contributed module integrates with Drupal’s existing Media module, making it easy for NetX users to manage their digital assets in Drupal.

FFW and NetX will continue to collaborate on the maintenance of this module, as well as the delivery of integrated NetX and Drupal platforms for enterprise clients.

For more information, please contact:

Dan Savickas
Senior Account Manager, NetX

Ricardo Osuna
Marketing Director, FFW West Coast

About NetX

NetX is an expert solution provider in Digital Asset Management, serving many of the world’s largest brands. NetX offers cloud-based DAM solutions, as well as installed licenses for in-house hosting. A web application from it’s inception, NetX has been singularly focused on solutions to manage large libraries of digital files.

About FFW

FFW is a digital agency built on technology, driven by data, and focused on user experience.

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