DAM and SSO (Single Sign On)

October 25, 2012

 For enterprise organizations, moving quickly and easily through networks and applications is a necessity. But at the same time, security is critical. This is why NetXposure offers a wide variety of Single Sign-On (SSO) options for our clients.

SSO simplifies user experience with a single authentication event that integrates with all systems throughout an organization — without the need to login to multiple systems. You login once, and move between applications seamlessly. SSO not only makes the lives of users and system administrators easier, but it also saves the cost of managing user accounts across several applications.

NetXposure is pleased to announce its integration with PingOne, to offer a quick and easy SSO option for enterprises. You simply sign up for their cloud service, and NetXposure seamlessly integrates with your PingOne Identity account. It's configured with your Identity Provider (IdP), using secure protocols such as SAML and OpenID, and it's all encrypted. PingOne supports broad user identities, such as Active Directory, Salesforce or Google Apps. It's your account and your users — PingOne brokers the authentication without the user having to do anything.

For those looking to directly manage their SSO infrastructure, NetX still supports the Central Authentication Service project (CAS) as well.


People want simple single sign-on. Employers want secure single sign-on. PingOne enables SAML-based single sign-on for their employees. PingOne is an Identity as a Service in the Cloud that connects people and application providers — such as NetXposure — in a simple and secure way. One login for employees to securely access all of their SaaS applications from any device. One place for IT to manage access and provisioning – and no passwords or user information ever leaves their control.

NetXposure is partnered with PingOne to provide a Cloud-based approach to SSO with the DAM. Your organization simply creates an Identity Provider (IdP) account (and accompanying setup and configuration) with PingOne. And with that, the integration with NetXposure is seamless. All authentication is done via PingOne, and communicated to NetXposure over the secure SAML protocol.

Reasons to choose PingOne for your NetXposure-SSO solution:
• No new hardware or software to host or manage.
• Cloud SSO is 3x less expensive than building and maintaining SSO in-house.
• High Availability / Disaster Recovery with 99.9% SLA and SAS70 Type II compliant facilities.
• Security - SSL connections with 3rd party security reviews of code, operation and penetration.

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