Why NetX was Named a Top Brand Management Solution

October 28, 2019

We’re excited to announce that NetX was recently named a top brand management solution by Software World. In particular, Software World called out our “delightfully engaging user experience” and “distinctive onboarding training,” two things we’re quite proud of. 

As one reviewer put it: 

“Not only was NetX, technology-wise, superior to the others that we previewed, we were also impressed by the entire team, particularly in their depth of knowledge in the latest technologies.” 

Maintaining consistency around your brand is critical, but it can also feel like herding cats when you’re fielding requests for branded assets from employees, media, ad agencies, and other users. Not to mention trying to ensure they’re using those assets in alignment with your brand guidelines! 

Relax. NetX is here to help with these brand management tools.


Having one centralized hub to distribute brand guidelines and branded content is the best way to maintain the integrity of your brand. 

NetX Portals are a simple, beautiful way to share your brand with the world. In NetX, you can quickly create a visually-compelling branded interface to distribute brand assets. Portals are mobile-ready and responsive, and you can choose from a variety of page layouts to create a one-stop showcase for your brand identity.

With NetX Portals, employees can quickly grab logos, images, and templates. Media organizations can download approved photography, videos, and press releases. Creative agencies can have access to your latest brand guidelines and other photography campaigns.  

Portals can be public facing, or secured to keep sensitive materials safe.


Another unique feature of NetX Portals is our lightweight MicroCMS. While Portals showcase and distribute digital assets, MicroCMS pages allow you to easily build pages detailing how to use those assets.

The simple, user-friendly interface requires no coding and comes with multiple templates to let you put together a powerful brand management page in minutes. Design a brand guideline page, collect assets by year or theme, or quickly create a media kit around a specific event.

MicroCMS pages can also be used to provide additional context around your digital assets. For example, Heritage Werks uses our MicroCMS to create specialized content pages to tell stories around their clients’ history and mission. 


NetX AdBuilder makes creating branded content simple — even for non-designers. The AdBuilder tool lets users throughout your organization put together brochures, signage, emails, social media posts, advertisements, and other collateral that are perfectly aligned with your brand. 

How does it work? Your designers can upload templates made in Adobe InDesign and use the AdBuilder tool to lock down certain parts of the template and specify which parts are open to customization. 

Next, end-users can create new marketing collateral using templates and approved assets from within NetX. Then they download the finished design and are good to go!

NetX AdBuilder frees up your marketing team’s time while ensuring that the rest of your organization can create beautifully branded content whenever they need it. 

Learn how the University of Central Arkansas used AdBuilder to manage their own brand.

Your simple brand management solution 

Now you can see why NetX was named a top brand management solution. Our team is constantly working to improve our solution, and we love working with brand managers and marketing departments to set up Netx solutions to make their lives easier. 

Curious how NetX can help you with brand management? Request a demo today.


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