Using NetX I/O to Keep Your Boss Happy and Your Desktop Organized

May 14, 2018

NetX makes managing the digital asset lifecycle easier than ever with a new free desktop app, NetX I/O. The app offers seamless upload and download functionality between your local computer and NetX. Read more about the NetX I/O app here.

This post will focus on one of NetX I/O’s five unique operating modes: the Watched Folder Mode.


Understanding the Watched Folder Mode

The Watched Folder mode is a handy mode that allows you to set a folder, folder structure, on your desktop as the retrieval point for NetX uploads. Assets are pulled from the local folder, uploaded into NetX (with optional attribute information), and deleted from the local folder.


Watched Folder Mode in Action

There are many reasons why someone may use any of the five modes provided by NetX I/O, but the Watched Folder mode is best employed by those who import assets into NetX and will rarely need to edit those assets after upload.


Three Use Cases for the Watched Folder Mode

1. High Volume Assets with In-Depth Edits

You’re an asset creator who performs extensive editing to assets before uploading them into your NetX instance. Assets processed in large batches that you want to be deleted from your desktop once they are in your DAM. 

Common users: Photographers, designers, advertising team

2. The Infrequent DAM Contributor

You occasionally interact with NetX, and when you do, you are simply adding assets with generic attribute information. The ability to place assets into a folder and know they’ll immediately upload to NetX without having to worry is nice. You also can download from NetX if you ever need to make an edit, but that’s very rare.

Common users: Legal team, recruiters, other infrequent contributors

3. Importer's Peace of Mind

You want to make sure that all of your uploads make it into NetX. In Watched Folder mode, successfully uploaded assets are deleted from your local folder. If there is an issue with the upload, the asset remains in your local folder. You can check the folder for any remaining assets, and the app will reattempt ingest during each configured NetX import and delete cycle. 

Common users: Any DAM contributors that want to monitor asset uploaded


Setting Up NetX I/O

NetX I/O is a free desktop app available to NetX customers. The setup is minimal and allows a user to take a hands-free approach to their asset interactions with NetX. To learn more about NetX I/O and the installation process contact your NetX account manager or the NetX support team. 


Not Currently a NetX Customer but Interested in NetX I/O?

Feel free to contact us to learn how both NetX I/O and NetX could streamline your digital asset workflow. 

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