NetX User Conference wrap up

September 21, 2018

The NetX18 user conference is a wrap! It was 2 days of strategies and tactics from NetX DAM administrators and our team members -- all about getting the most out of your Digital Asset Management system. The event was held in our hometown of sunny Portland Oregon, at the Portland Art Museum. We're happy to have hosted so many of our great NetX admins, developers, end users and integrators.

We covered a lot of ground, thanks to all! Here's a sampling of panels and presentations:

  • Using NetX Portals and Ad Builder to boost your brand management efforts
  • A step by step on how to use your Portal as a self-service branded materials generator.
  • A new version for a new horizon: See a demo new and improved features in the latest NetX release
  • NetX User Panel: Unique use cases of NetX, with Q&A
  • Adobe CC Panel 4.0: Transform your creative workflow
  • Engagement matters: Getting teams to say yes to DAM
  • NetX I/O: demo of "the 5 modes"+ Q&A
  • Set It & Forget It: NetX Automation Techniques to cover workflows and Data Source Sync.
  • API Round Table: Dig deep into the wide world of integrations & interoperability
  • Alvin Ailey Case Study: How the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater transformed their DAM by revisiting Onboarding, switching to SaaS, and adding a beautiful Portal interface
  • Swift Migration and Adoption: Learn from a NetX customer about how they were able to start on the ground running with NetX.
  • DAMS for Humans: Get your users engaged with your DAM before and after implementation, learning from mission-driven, human-centered museum practices



 NetX Digital asset management 2018 user conference

digital asset management user conference 2


digital asset management api


digital asset properties 2018 user conference


NetX18 DAM user conference 2018


NetX vs Piction user conference


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