NetX Spotlight: Claire Blechman from Peabody Essex

February 23, 2018

From Research to Bake-off to Launch Party! 
Digital asset management requires a high degree of planning, strategy, energy, and diplomacy -- and all this is often left to a single person. 
Join our upcoming webinar with Claire Blechman, Digital Asset Manager at the Peabody Essex Museum.
As a small but mighty team of one, Claire built broad consensus and institutional excitement for a DAMS at PEM. 

PEM-Webinar (1)-651895-edited.jpg
NetX Spotlight Webinar March 7, 2PM EST

This webinar will be an excellent learning opportunity for museums and other organizations, small and large. 

Claire will share details from the comprehensive process she managed, including:
  • Product & vendor research
  • Trade shows
  • Brown bag presentation
  • Listening tour
  • Product demos
  • Surveying peer museums 
  • Writing the budget proposal 
  • Bake-off 
  • Early adopter group 
  • Launch party

Join us for the webinar and a Q&A session: 



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