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Metadata is key to getting what you want

November 15, 2018

When my sister was two years old, she was overcome with a desire to obtain what she referred to as “Todo.” She followed my parents around the house, chanting the term “Todo, Todo” over and over again, day in and day out, for weeks

She asked politely at first, but when her demands were not met, she began to ask more loudly until she finally broke down into tears, screaming “Todo, Todo, Todo!?” Finally, one day, my mom pulled a carton of ice cream from the freezer. “TODO!” my sister yelled out, with a sigh of relief. She was ecstatic my parents had finally given in to her demands, and if only she had the right words, she would’ve tasted sweet relief so much sooner! Taxonomy and metadata matter.

Having spent so much of my professional life in journalism and digital asset management, I’m constantly reminded of how much word choices matter. How can an organization ever hope to find the digital assets they’re looking for if they’re all using different terms to search for the same types of assets?

This is why Onboarding matters. During the NetX Onboarding process, we take time to sit down with all of your stakeholders and determine a taxonomy for your organization. What do you plan to call a hooded garment with a pocket on the front? A sweatshirt? A jumper? A hoodie? All of the above? These decisions are important, and we’re here to help facilitate the conversations so your organization can get a big taste of that “sweet relief” people experience when they easily find what they’re searching for.  

For more information on NetX onboarding and how we can help,  get in touch with our team.

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