How to Save Time by Organizing Your Online Photo Library

November 15, 2021

How much time is wasted combing through your image gallery searching for that *one* file you need for your project?

On your phone, finding the right photo can take just a few seconds. But sorting through your photo library online is quite a different experience… Especially across your larger enterprise organization. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. 

Here’s how to make your files more “findable” and save hours of time - no matter what project you’re working on. 

The Hidden Costs of Searching for Digital Files

It's easy to lose time on extended (and repetitive) searching for digital files. Multiply that across teams, and you have real productivity loss. 

Most teams need a solution that takes a matter of seconds to organize content, find the right file, and store it away until the next task comes in the door. Without this system, any project can turn into a pile of painstaking tasks.

In fact, one of the issues around difficult-to-find stuff is the terminology you use across departments. How do different teams find the content they are looking for, without a shared vernacular. 

One option? Unlock the most useful terms and phrases in your organization and create your own content search engine. This is where NetX comes in. 

How to Organize Your Image Library with NetX

NetX is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that helps enterprises store, organize, and access online files with ease. We offer an unobtrusive, frictionless DAM experience so you can carry out your projects without software slowing you down.

Here’s how to use NetX to organize your image library and access your files when you need them most.

1. Build Your DAM

Digital asset management is the practice of organizing and tagging photos, videos, documents, and other digital media so they’re easy to access - even across teams. With NetX, you have an out-of-the-box solution that makes building your own “DAM” simple.

In short, the best DAM solution is the one that addresses all of your team’s needs. Built for enterprises, NetX is able to accommodate a range of large “asks” and organizational requirements. 

Before getting started, here are a few  things to take into account:

  • What do your team members or stakeholders need in a DAM?
  • What problems are you hoping a DAM will solve?
  • What workflows and functionality do you need in a DAM?

At NetX, we work with you to configure your DAM and get your team trained so your asset management solution fully fits your needs. 

Visit our article: “What is DAM?”.

2. Schedule Your Demo

We always encourage organizations to have a discussion internally regarding their DAM needs. This way, you’re prepared to speak to what your organization is looking for, what workflows need to be accommodated, and even what your budget is for a software solution.

NetX offers a no-obligation demo call to discuss the software’s capabilities and find the right solution for your enterprise. You’ll get a detailed walkthrough on how NetX works, how it might benefit your company, and how much time can be saved with effective asset management.

Schedule your NetX demo

3. Implement Your Digital Asset Management Software

Once signed up, your onboarding experience with NetX will be flexible and designed around your organization’s unique objectives. 

Note that with complex workflows and requirements, onboarding can take several months. We offer our free onboarding guide to make this process as simple as possible.

Our team is here to:

  • Listen to the problems you're trying to solve, then show you exactly how NetX can help
  • Walk you through our Onboarding process
  • Provide a quote for a NetX solution that meets your needs
  • Set you up with a free test site

4. Set Up Your Searchable Image Library

NetX offers a wide range of features that make organizing and finding your digital files super simple.

With the Galleries option, you can choose from four unique gallery views - aspect ratios, side by side, data view, or list - help you find your file in a matter of seconds. 

Visual Search allows you to search for similar photos or videos with a simple click, and even use color palettes to trigger image searches. This makes it easy to find related images or files that search your project design. 

Looking for something unique? Advanced Search gives you all the features and filters you need to find your file and even save your search query for future use. 

 5. Find Your Files in Seconds

When it comes to finding the image files you need, fast, no tool does it better than NetX. With the Search Facets option, you can set unique attributes to narrow down your search, filter results, and quickly select what you need.

In essence, you are able to create your own image search engine that allows you to find any internal image, anywhere. Much like how Google works to connect you with the content you need, NetX makes it easy to find your images in no time. 

6. Join the Community

Data asset management at an enterprise scale is no small task. This is why we offer continuous support to our customers - from online resources to our knowledge hub blog.

Not only will you learn how to use NetX to its full benefit, but you’ll gain helpful tips on data hygiene to make running your organization even smoother. A smart DAM solution is really the best tool in increasing productivity and output on all of your important projects. 

Want more info? Visit our complete Knowledge Base for tips on how to organize your image and asset library like a pro with NetX.

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