How DMOs and Brands use DAM software to connect to the world

February 6, 2020

The needs of many destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and established brands are not so different from one another. Both are tasked with promoting something. In the case of DMOs, it's promoting a place rather than a product or experience, but the tools they rely on to expand name recognition are virtually the same. 

In order to spread brand or destination awareness, people need to be captivated. For many DMOs, that comes in the form of breath-taking photos and video. For brands, it may be captivating lifestyle photography. In either case, getting those photos in front of people is paramount. 

NetX Portals
— a module that extends the functionality of the dam software — act as a gateway to your brand and/or destination’s digital assets. Creating easy-to-access and easy-to-use Portals allows end-users to seamlessly engage with your digital assets. The easier it is for influencers to see and request access to your digital assets, the more your assets will be used on external blogs, websites, and other places that are bound to increase your brand and name recognition. 

To learn more about how countless brands and DMOs are using NetX Portals to share their digital assets with the world, read this case study about Travel Alberta, or reach out to schedule a demo of our Portals today. 

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