The cost of creating the same digital assets over and over...

February 27, 2020

The cost of doing business is one thing, but the costs associated with creating the same digital assets over and over again are extremely detrimental to your organization. It is for that very reason that NetX developed our AdBuilder tool. 

The average cost of designing something as simple as a one-page flyer is roughly $300. Then take into account the $200 in revision fees that accompany a design on average. Even when the design is final, you’re still facing change fees any time you want to switch out an image, the date, and or location of your event. 

This doesn’t even begin to cover the damages done to your brand’s reputation when people who aren’t designers, but who think they are, start making changes to your branded materials. 

With the NetX AdBuilder tool—which is module offered with the NetX digital asset management solution—your designers can create a framework for your team to create endless pieces of marketing collateral from basic INDD templates. By creating the templates in InDesign, your designers can determine which pieces of a flyer are the “furniture” (or locked down and can not be changed) and which images can be changed at will. 

End users can easily select branded templates from within the AdBuilder tool based on size, such as a 1-by-1 format that is ideal for creating Instagram ads, or an 8-by-10, better suited for an actual flier. 

Once an end user has selected a template, they can switch out images from a predetermined selection of photos or add content into the designated text boxes laid out and chosen by the designer. 

The final designs can then be put through an approval process, or the end users can download a variety of different formats of their newly created pieces of marketing collateral on the fly. 

If your team is interested in saving your designers countless hours of work, schedule a call to find out how the NetX AdBuilder can help. 

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