How DAM Software Empowers Sales Teams

March 16, 2020

For more than thirty years, Hogan Assessments has helped organizations around the globe assess personality to identify the right talent to hire and develop existing employees. The backbone of Hogan's strategy is the network of distributors, partners, coaches, and independent consultants who use Hogan's products with their clients.

Hogan Hub Home Screen-1Hogan needed a solution to distribute a dynamic library of content to its constantly growing network of sellers. The company was looking for DAM software that made its sellers’ jobs easier by putting the information they needed at their fingertips and reflected their brand’s modern feel. 

After about a decade of using an outdated system to manage the company content, Sales Enablement Manager Valerie Stone and Senior Research Consultant Matt Lemming teamed up to find something better. In the summer of 2017, they landed on NetX. By June of 2018, the new Hogan Hub was up and running with a NetX Portal

“Now our partners can type in a search field to find the content they need,” said Matt. “The content is faster to get to, and they can do more with it.” 

Hogan found three major benefits of choosing NetX. 

Modern Branding 

The old system Hogan was using didn’t fit with the company’s modern branding, noted Matt. “It just felt pretty outdated.” Because the Hogan Hub was the main interface between Hogan’s content and its resellers, the system needed to reflect the rest of the brand. 

With NetX Portals, the team was able to create a custom interface that had the same look and feel the rest of the website and content had. “NetX gives us the tools to make it fit seamlessly within our brand,” said Matt. 

Ease of Use 

The reseller partners who use the company’s content now have easier access than ever, and can more easily share content with people who need it. 

Valerie noted NetX’s collections feature and the ability to share links straight from the system are both major workflow helps. “The aesthetics, the filtering options, those types of things were either not available or were way more limited in our previous system,” she said. 

The previous system also required content recipients to be account holders in order to access shared assets. But with NetX, Hogan’s team and their sellers can easily send links through email, add links to documents, and otherwise share content without the end consumer having to sign up for a Hogan Hub account. “That reduces the administrative red tape of reaching out to us and setting up a new account just so they can access the one file they need that year,” said Matt. 

Easy Implementation 

One of the biggest benefits of the NetX DAM software for Matt and Valerie was how easy it was to get up and running. Neither has an IT background, which is unusual for people who are overseeing the implementation of a DAM project. While a coworker in the IT department originally did the research, Matt and Valerie took the project over when that person left. 

She and Matt came from the two departments that had the most content to make available. “We all wear lots of hats,” said Valerie. 

“We were learning on the fly,” added Matt. “Thankfully, Paul and the team at NetX were pretty supportive. It was just a seamless process.” 

Easier Access = Better Utilization Rates 

Since implementing the NetX DAM software, Hogan Assessments is already seeing better utilization rates for Hogan Hub across its sellers. The company currently has 1400 active accounts on NetX, nearly double the number of accounts as the old system. This is partially a result of its growing network, and partly the result of how much easier it is to onboard new users to the new NetX-powered Hogan Hub. 

“Before, Hogan Hub was a side resource we would tell you about if you asked,” said Valerie. “Now it’s ingrained in our workflow whenever we're onboarding a new partner.” 

By powering Hogan Hub with NetX, Hogan Assessments has enabled its sellers to do their jobs better and is seeing adoption rates — and the success of its sellers — grow as a result. 

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