NetX Portal Theme Update

Jessica Miller
March 27, 2018

NetX is pleased to announce the release of Clean 1.7, now available for upgrade. 

Clean 1.7  introduces improved features and views that give you the power to present curated content in the clean and simple NetX Portal interface.

Search Facet Display


Search facets now display vertically along the left side of the gallery, increasing visibility while browsing assets.

Gallery Display Update

Improved interface maximizes gallery real estate for thumbnails while keeping critical controls at your fingertips. Breadcrumb links now feature drop-down menus for quick navigation. 

Smart Contextual Menus

Context menus have been added to asset lists in the gallery, rendering the most commonly used actions accessible by a simple right-click.


NetX Portals

This new version of our Clean Theme is part of our effort to improve the end-user experience through NetX Portals. Learn more about NetX Portals and how they can transform your user experience here: 

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