6 Reasons to watch Kimberly Klotz's webinar

June 11, 2018

Kimberly Klotz, Art Director for the University of Central Arkansas, recently gave a webinar on her experience of choosing NetX as their digital asset management vendor.

Having worked on numerous marketing initiatives, she used her experience to get people to not only use their new DAM, but be excited about it.

Watch the webinar to learn how her work with UCA Admissions and various stakeholders across campus helped grow and elevate their branding efforts.

Here are six reasons why you should watch the webinar:

1. The asset requests won’t stop.

A digital asset management system isn’t magic, people need to be engaged for it to succeed. Kimberly knew this was important going in, which led to her creation of a two-year rollout plan. Her plan has not only engaged users campus-wide but has gotten them excited about digital asset management, which is no small feat.

2. Rebranding is coming.

Sorry. This time is going to be rough for you. Luckily Kimberly was in the same place when she decided that if she wanted long-term success with her rebranding, she would need a DAM. 

3. You’re looking for a digital asset management system.

Well lucky for you Kimberly discussed how she collaborated with the various departments to understand what their must-haves were for a digital asset management system, and then went on the hunt. She gave a brief overview of how she chose NetX.

4. You work at a University.

The University of Central Arkansas was on the hunt for a campus-wide solution that would help spread their new brand and the beauty of their campus to potential and current students, as well as their alumni and staff. 

5. You work in Marketing.

Not only was UCA looking for a DAM to share their University’s story, but they were also creating an experience so that their Marketing team could effectively produce and distribute content through all channels. 

6. You use NetX.

Yeah, you. You may already be using NetX, but Kimberly’s advice can be applied retroactively. You can learn how to generate more DAM engagement, set goals, and interact with your users in a way that will make DAM fun!

Not convinced? 

If we didn’t cover a reason that you would want to watch the webinar, you may still want to, it was a lot of fun and packed with valuable information. Kimberly is going to inform and inspire you, trust us.

Watch webinar

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