SAN FRANCISCO - January 6, 2004-

NetXposure, the leader in focused Web applications, launched at Macworld the Image Portal Family' s newest member, Hexafoo. Exhibiting the same Web application flexibility as Image Portal X, Hexafoo specifically answers for companies currently considering or using static workgroup solutions the need to store, organize and distribute valuable digital assets. Now customers no longer have to sacrifice functionality or limit user numbers to receive competitively priced core digital asset management (DAM) benefits. What' s more, workgroup LAN connections, additional hardware or individual software clients are not required. Any employee, customer or partner with a Web browser can access and easily distribute assets through Hexafoo' s next-generation user interface.

Too often, businesses choose basic workgroup DAM products to meet general corporate management needs. However, typically those workgroup products subject companies to user fees and stifle distribution potential by locking the archive inside an internal company network. Other than centralizing assets and enabling a select few employees to process and distribute the files, little is gained in terms of streamlining business operations. In fact, more work could be created, as most likely a gatekeeper would have to be designated to parcel and manage images.

NetXposure believes successful DAM comes when anyone who could possibly need assets can access and manipulate them by themselves. The Web application developer also believes that not every company needs every DAM capability. Rather than force on a company unwanted features for limited users, NetXposure prefers to offer only the necessary features to every employee who might use them, while leaving the door open for module additions as company needs evolve. Hence, no scalability issues, no extra features, no wasted money.

A DAM solution should automate company workflow: This is another NetXposure mantra. Choosing a DAM product for basic use should not mean that the product itself is basic. Of course, a company may decide to utilize its DAM solution solely as a centralized repository. However, should a company seek a greater ROI, integration with other business operations to speed workflow and automate administrative tasks must be available. Hexafoo, built on NetXposure' s flexible Web application framework, is capable of linking to other technologies such as Adobe' s InDesign software to allow for easier asset distribution. Or, for fast delivery of multiple files, batch loading is available.

"Hexafoo is the right choice for companies seeking an entry-level DAM solution that is accessible by anyone, anywhere," stated Devin Donnelly, President of NetXposure.

Hexafoo's feature benefits include:

  • Organization of Digital Assets: Customizable categories storing images with detailed metadata centralize all corporate assets. For more accurate retrieval, a powerful, advanced search engine that queries in-file text as well as metadata sources files.
  • Access Control: Companies can automatically control brand image and collateral disbursement through permission-based access assigned to individuals or user groups.
  • Modular Expansion: As companies grow, so can the Hexafoo DAM solution. As greater functionality is demanded, modules can be added to the core solution. Current modules available include Web Services, LDAP Support and the InCaddy plug-in. Designed as a Web application, Hexafoo upgrades quickly and easily as new modules are presented.
  • Compatibility: Hexafoo leverages pre-existing hi-tech investments by remaining flexible enough to incorporate commonly used technologies. For example, Hexafoo can integrate with common databases, eliminating the need for companies to deploy new, proprietary systems.
  • InCaddy for Adobe InDesign Software: For Adobe publishing software users, Hexafoo offers the InCaddy plug-in. InCaddy immediately connects to the central repository, enabling quick asset importing and exporting from within the software.

    What is a 'Hexafoo'? Dating back to Medieval Europe, a hexafoo is a colorful artistic rendering of symbolic images designed to depict and protect its bearer' s goods...much like NetXposure' s Hexafoo safeguards corporate images used for branding and production.

    Hexafoo is currently available for Mac OS X. For more information, please send an email to sales (at) netx (dot) net or call 503.499.4342.

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