New York, NY, 2001 July

NetXposure, Inc. is pleased to announce that its work for Salomon North America will be featured in the keynote address at FlashForward2001, beginning today in New York City. FlashForward is the premier conference for developers and designers who have gathered around the Macromedia SWF format. The keynote for FlashFoward2001 in New York will be delivered by Kevin Lynch, President of Products for Macromedia.

John Blake, Product Manager for NetXposure, will present the work for Salomon with Mr. Lynch during the keynote. NetXposure implemented its Exogen application engine to create a powerful extranet for employees of retailers that handle Salomon goods. Salomon employees manage this extranet via a web-based application interface which NetXposure created using components built in Flash, giving them full access to Exogen' s functionality from any location.

"We are very excited to be able to show our application and interface to the Flash community. We were very eager to provide Salomon administrators with both the flexibility of web access and an intuitive interface for Exogen. Flash allowed us to achieve both goals without compromise," said Blake.

Further information on the Salomon extranet project can be found on or by contacting NetXposure.

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