Automate anything

Seamlessly advance content development, without disrupting the creative flow.

  • Write custom XML scripts to automate any action in NetX.
  • Tailor custom workflows to support unique business requirements with built-in XML editor.

The Workflow Module includes three components:

  1. Autotask workflow engine
    Define criteria - such as a folder move or attribute value change, then execute a wide range of actions including repurposing, modifying, moving, exporting, cloning, and notifications.
  2. Download approval
    This is a custom script that automates the process of sending form data to alert administrators of download requests. NetX admins can configure logic to determine whether  specified input is required from the user before allowing the asset to be downloaded.
  3. Asset request form
    This AutoTask enables a form for requesting access to assets in NetX. Administrators have the flexibility to define customized fields.

How it Works

Selecting the AutoTask menu from the administrator’s “settings” panel launches a GUI for writing custom scripts in a built-in XML editor. Users define custom action to run on NetX assets or folders and the criteria that triggers the script. NetX provides the Download Approval and Asset Request Forms scripts to provide the basic framework for designing custom workflows.


Advance Work-in-Progress

Map custom attributes to a particular process or scenario, then trigger actions when certain conditions are met. Administrators can define an unlimited range of “if/then” style criteria. For example, designating an “approved” attribute value to be the trigger that initiates other scripts to generate web-ready derivatives.


  • Automate repetitive cataloging or file management tasks.
  • Create “gating” mechanisms to automate access requests and downloads.
  • Enable complex workflows composed of multiple autotasks.

Cross-Enterprise Collaboration

Use AutoTask to check access permissions logic, then automatically send requestors an email with instructions to access links . Alternatively, if the user has been added to a group, yet has an incomplete profile, the system emails a request to provide the missing data, then advances the membership status.

Fenders-off Functionality

Attributes and trigger actions can be applied to enable processes aligned with unique functional and business requirements. Custom status values can be defined and mapped to an attribute in NetX, so users can sort by status to see only what requires that user’s attention.