Create Unlimited Metadata Fields and Templates

Tie unique metadata criteria to specific asset categories, user groups or individual assets.

  • Generate unlimited custom metadata fields and save unique metadata templates in NetX.
  • Catalog asset collections faster by paring unique metadata templates with specific asset types.
  • Share NetX with different groups by creating custom asset folders and metadata templates.

How Attribute Sets Work

Define and generate unlimited metadata attribute sets that can be triggered by specific criteria. Attribute Sets lets administrators build templated metadata groups that can be applied when ingesting specific file types that share a common classification or feature. Attribute Sets was designed specifically for applying sets of metadata to large asset volumes. Save time by specifying a unique metadata set to a collection of video assets, and another set to a collection of images. Attribute Sets is ideal for any organization with big cataloging tasks. 

Metadata templates

Build metadata attributes sets then apply to specific groups or categories.


Assign criteria that align metadata templates to certain file types or user groups.


Define sets of metadata attributes as text boxes, dropdowns, multi-selects, date, and/or number fields into metadata templates.


  • Increases productivity by avoiding duplicitous data entry tasks in two so ware systems.
  • Centralizes project information inside NetX where creative teams can easily reference it.
  • Keeps project details associated with an asset as a metadata description.

Manage many clients’ assets in NetX

Agencies that manage multimedia assets on their clients’ behalf need to administer many different groups of assets and users. Use Attribute Sets to create custom groups, and provide unique categories and attributes, so only those assets your clients should have access to are available to search and see.

Share NetX across business groups

For conglomerates or mega brands with a global footprint, Asset Sets efficiently structures individual groups and categories within a NetX instance. Asset Sets defines unique metadata templates for each business division to keep proprietary information under the purview of the organization that owns it.


NetX 8.5, NetX Attribute Sets

How to Purchase

Contact your account manager to see a demo of NetX Attribute Sets and learn about pricing options.

Still want to learn more metadata tricks?

There are many ways to unlock the value of your metadata with NetX. Many assets have embedded metadata that can improve your DAM findability and workflow processes. 

You can learn more about how to increase findability in DAM with embedded metadata in this helpful article.

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