We're happy to provide a preview of our upcoming mobile app, which is geared towards a common use case: Presentations and Offline Syncing.

The NetX Platform is used by many large organizations as the single "system of Record" for all assets and data - why not let Presenters sync assets directly from the source?! One primary piece that we are addressing with this new app is Offline Presentations: NetX users can synchronize (aka download) any assets directly to their iOS and Android devices. This allows for fantastic Offline presentation capabilities, of image, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint files etc. The user experience is designed for presentation of all asset types and has some specifically cool UI elements for Multi-page documents/decks, where the primary page is shown above a "filmstrip" of all pages in the file.

We've gotten great feedback on this app to data, and look forward to formally announcing the launch in the very near future.

If you'd like to hear more and see a demo, please contact us!

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