According to a recent report by Gartner, digital asset management (DAM) is becoming an increasingly important aspect of companies’ enterprise content management strategies and is regaining attention in organizations due to the prolific use of multimedia objects such as still images and videos in the workplace.

The report is written by Whit Andrews and points out that Gartner client inquiries and searches regarding DAM are rising significantly, indicating the resurgence of interest and need by enterprise organizations worldwide.

According to Gartner, the largest vendors do not vigorously pursue business from prospects that are not already attached to their software offerings; and the smaller vendors frequently possess significant experience in the market and demonstrate strong understanding of the market's idiosyncrasies.

NetXposure is listed among the 20 credible vendors that are pursuing the market with varying target specialties and is described as having devoted significant resources to effective integration with other tools within companies that must consume digital assets as an aspect of business.

Gartner recommends that organizations consider these elements when narrowing their list of potential DAM vendors.  The vendor should:

  • Understand the organization's industry and specific business needs.
  • Offer workflow packages that address the organizations' solutions for business problems.
  • Support the desired delivery model and product architecture.
  • Provide necessary functionality supporting the development of incentives for end users to generate metadata and improve the "searchability" of digital objects.
  • Integrate to necessary applications, such as ERP, CRM, Web content management (WCM) and enterprise content management (ECM) applications.

The report, Digital Asset Management Witnesses a Resurgence to Address Rich Media in Organizations, May 31, 2011 by Whit Andrews is available to Gartner clients here


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