When it comes to putting a digital asset management system in place, buying software is just the first piece of the puzzle. But actually implementing and deploying a DAM across an organization can be a fairly complex endeavor. The more information you have, the better, and this year's Createasphere NYC will offer a 1-day workshop  covering ... all things DAM. The format of the sessions is very well structured for those seeking advice, experience and general mindshare on all topics related to DAM.

Many of our engagements involve a variety of DAM approaches and goals. This workshop will address the high-level concepts , and granular details that DAM administrators face.  What rules govern ingestion to your DAM? How is it organized? How are permissions best addressed? What can be automated? What are the best practices around managing taxonomies and search? Thinking about these types of questions can be very useful in building a DAM that will be quickly and easily adopted by your end users.

There is no one correct way to plan a DAM, but there are plenty of ways to get lost.

The common thread for successful DAM deployment  is planning. We highly recommend investing time in planning and evaluating options as you prepare  for  DAM  implementation/migration/restructure. This is why NetX does not simply offer software, but also the DAM consulting that should go along with it.  We can help analyze current systems, and ask the correct questions that will help you devise a recipe that will work for you and your organization.

If you're interested in these topics, join our VP of Product, Kevin Peoples at Createasphere NY, Oct. 6 2013. Kevin will be teaching  at the DAM 101 Workshop, “ Launching Successful DAM Initiatives.” The workshop features a host of industry veterans offering insight into all aspects of DAM:

Createasphere DAM 101 Workshop


DAM 101 Workshop & Certification, Oct 6, 2013 - 8:30 am

This day long, pre-conference workshop will offer an in-depth overview of Digital Asset Management. Attendees will learn the basics of DAM and then have the option to join two of the six hands-on labs taught by experts in their respective fields. Topics to be covered:

Introduction to the role of asset management:

  • History
  • Strategic Planning for DAM
  • Context & Goals for best practices
  • The Media Supply Chain
  • Metadata
  • Workflow
  • Asset Lifecycles
  • Organizational Considerations and Business Drivers
  • Industry specific Case Studies

The Lab topics include:

  • ROI and Business Strategizes
  • Digital Asset Management - Still Photography
  • Digital Asset Management - Print
  • Digital Asset Management -  Video
  • IT and Technology Structures
  • Launching Successful DAM Imitative

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