Lock down and boost your brand, while freeing up your designers

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Every organization struggles with one of the following scenarios: either your designers are buried with requests for small changes to pieces of marketing collateral, or people within your organization take it upon themselves to edit the collateral, and as a result, make changes that are inconsistent with your branding.

With the NetX AdBuilder tool, you can lock down your branding while getting people what they need, faster, all while freeing up your designers to work on new projects.

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With AdBuilder:

Use Known Tools to Create Templates - Using Adobe InDesign, your designers can create templates for brochures, signage, postcards, social media posts, datasheets, catalogs, web or print ads, business cards, and more.

Control and Protect Your Brand - Designer can specify in the AdBuilder tool which parts of the templates they want to lock down and which photos or text are open to customization.

Empower End Users to Create Content on Demand - Using assets from NetX, end-users can quickly create branded content using the AdBuilder templates that fit their needs.

Boost Output- While the rest of your team shows their creativity within the templates, your designers are free to build more templates and focus their energy on other projects.

“I tell people on my team, ‘If you’ve shopped at Amazon, you’ll understand how to use AdBuilder.’” – Kimberly Klotz, Director of Marketing, University of Central Arkansas.

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